Labybot Features

Automatically claim daily rewards on labymod

How to Setup


In order for the software to work you will need to have the following softwares to be installed:

– Minecraft Java Version

– Labymod 1.8



– Download and run the Setup.msi

– When having the screen “Windows protected your PC”

  – Click “More info” – “run anyway”

– Labybot should be installed now and can be launched via start menu



First Start:

First go to settings:

– Paste your Webhook URL to get notifications on your server!

– Add the accounts you would like to use – format like this: “LabymodName;LabymodPassword;MinecraftEmail;MinecraftPassword”

– You can add it to auto start and make it start minimized so it will run in the background every time you start your pc

– Click “Save”

– now you can start the entire service or just launch one of the drivers individually

Discord Webhook:

Create a Webhook:

edit channel settings:

Click on integrations:

create a new webhook:

Give it a name, profile picture and select the channel:

copy the URL: 

save the changes: 

Paste the URL into settings and save it! 

now the setup is complete!